My biography





my Name is Dave Lutgen, I was born in 1995 in Luxembourg. Actually I am biology student at the University of Strasbourg in France.


As for most of people my fascination towards nature started in the early years of my childhood.I spent my holidays on my grand-parents farm, where I learnt to observe and to respect nature. On the farm I learnt how to grow up tomatoes and that potatoes don't grow on trees.


The second step was running threw the forest in order to catch snakes, frogs and newts. All those animals that my parents did not appreciate as pets.


In 2010, one of my friends took me to an holiday trip to the Netherlands where our main goal was to do bird- and seawatching. After this trip my interest towards ornithology and photography raised continuously. In the following year I tried to improve my knowledge on birds and how to do a qualitative picture. In addition to this we went to another holiday camp, where we learnt how to get scientific information about birds. We collected this data by catching the birds with nylon mist nets,later on they got a ring with an identification, we took the measurments and released the birds.


In 2012, I got Bird ringing trainee at the "Birdringingstation Schlammwiss" in Luxemburg. The work as trainee allowed me to increase my knowledge and to get in touch with very intersting people.


This work as trainee also increased my wish to take breath taking pictures of the birds we caught, that is why in 2013 bought my first camera (Canon Eos 7D), which I still use today.


After all, happy to have a very good camera I started to take pictures of everything that was in relation with nature. Furthermore I try to impove my abilities by getting in touch with Street art photography.


I hope you enjoy my pictures and I am curious about your feedback