Danube Delta: Birdringing and Birdwatching camp

At the beginning I didn’t knew exactly where to situate the Danube delta so I made some researches and I found out that “The Danube Delta (Delta Dunarii) is the second largest river delta in Europe, after the Volga Delta, and is the best preserved on the continent” (Wikipedia). Actually the largest part of the Danube Delta is situated in the east of Romania. The Biotope is a mix between huge reed-beds and floodplain forests. 


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Short trip in the Vosges

Today's plan was to visit the Belchen in Germany, but the weather situation did not allow us to get up on the mountain. That's why we decided to do a road trip threw the Vosges in France. 


Swallow migration

As we had a lot of rain during the last days in Luxemburg, most of the insects fly on lower altitudes, which implies hunting Barn swallows on the same altitude in order to feed on the insects.


Little photography trip 

With the first signs of spring, I'll make my first blog post on my homepage.

Today, I went to the 'Plan d'eau de Plobsheim' , where I managed to see my first Common wall lizards for this year, furthermore I have seen quite a lot of White Wagtails.