Pinnacles Desert and Yanchep National Park

Yanchep National Park and its lovely koalas

Yanchep National Park is a small but exciting National Park hosting an amazing diversity of Australias wildlife. With a good mix of flora and fauna, the National Park has got a few trails along a beautifully coloured lake, you can participate in a guided tour to one of WA caves and last but not least Yanchep is a sanctuary for 11 koalas, which for most of the day won't move at all, as they sleep almost 20 hours a day in order to digest the eucalyptus leaves.

Pinnacles Desert

Definetely a great miracle of nature, the pinnacles formation is still kind of a mystery but resarchers propose three theorys. After all, the environment in which they are formed was created by seashells, which broke down forming lime rich sands, which were blown inlands to form sand dunes.