A first glimpse of Perth

The city of Perth 

When I arrived on sunday 3rd of July, the first walk we did headed towards the city center. After a very short bus drive, we finally arrived in the city center and the first thoughts that came to my mind were about comparing Perth to Toronto (Canada), which as well as Perth has these huge skycreepers (one tends to keep looking in the air) and a combination of small buildings that are meant to imitate European architecture. Furthermore I would classify Perth as a quite large city, with a rather small city center, which has a lot of multicultural influence. 

Kings Park

Actually Kings park is one of these spots where you can't believe that you are in the middle of the city, the park has a surface of 400,6 hectar and is bigger than the Central Park in New York. Apart from being an amazing spot for its wilflife, it seems to be a very good spot for Pokemon hunters, as the park is marked by lots of young people hanging on their phones in order to catch rare Pokémon species. 

Heirisson Island

Very small Island along the swan river, which is only a few km away from the city. This Island came quite as surprise as it has got Western Grey Kangaroos (Macropus fuliginosus) as inhabitants. 

Fremantle (Freo) and Cottesloe Beach

These two spots are the perfect combination for a one-day trip, from Perth you can easily take the train to Freemantle, which is a very small but cosy town, with a great charm and atmosphere. Freemantle has a small port and you can visit the Little Creatures Brewery. Furthermore it is the perfect spot to get fish and chips. 


Cottesloe Beach and its white sands is the perfect spot to spend a few hours walking along the indian ocean and enjoy the beautiful sunset. Furthermore if you are lucky as me, you can see a few dolphins hunting just in front of the shore.