The Story

The first fascination about Australia came up by watching either Steve Irwin’s television series “The crocodile hunter” on animal planet or “Crocodile Dundee” an Australian comedy film. From that time on there was a fascination towards the mix of unbelievable landscapes and the various palette of dangerous animals.

I kept the idea of going to Australia and New Zeeland always in mind. After my graduation I started my first year in Biology at the University of Strasbourg in France. The close distance to Luxembourg and the other European countries allowed me to travel and to see Europe’s beauty. Furthermore I improved my ornithological skills, by doing my bird ringing permission in Germany and Luxembourg, in addition to this I have been to a bird ringing camp at the Col de Bretolet in Switzerland and to another camp in the Danube Delta. Apart from my hobbies, I got to know that there wouldn’t be any Bachelor work at university so I decided to apply for an exchange year. At this point as I saw that one of the destinations would be the University of Western Australia (Perth), I did not have to think twice.



During the first conference of the second year at the University, we got to know the requirements, there would be three places and my grades had to be around 14 out of 20. Inspired by this unbelievable opportunity I started working hard in order to be one of the three lucky people. As the University of Strasbourg made the first selection we got our confirmation on the 24th of February. From now on there was still a lot of organisational stuff to do. The first steps have been to find a room, which wasn’t that difficult as I was able to take the room from another exchange student from the University of Strasbourg, to get a plane ticket and to decide whether to take a one year ticket or only a one-way ticket. On the third of March we got our offer from the UWA, which was the moment when I realised that there won’t be any return.